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Greenlife Organics

Watch the Greenlife Organics Story Here!

Everyone wants to know, “What is the Greenlife Organics Story? What encouraged you to start a Hemp Extract company?” The answer is the miraculous story of my German Shepherd, Aria! I am beyond excited to share our story with you in “The Greenlife Organics Story” directed by Miah Idema, owner of Sunbeat Films; watch our beautiful video below!

Digging Deeper: Aria’s Story

It was the summer of 2011, but this was not just any summer. This was the summer my brother visited an animal rescue and fell in-love with a German Shepherd puppy who was found abandoned in Tijuana, Mexico.

My then 19-year old brother Tim named her “Aria.”

Aria as a puppy.

Needless to say, Aria quickly became the light of our lives; she even became a helper on our Avocado farm – eating all the avocados laying on the ground (except the seed).

If eating Avocados off the ground made you laugh, you might find it humorous to know Aria is also the full-time security system for our farm. She barks at everything, from our neighbors who walk their dogs, and horses alongside our fence to even coyotes who howl at night from afar! Aria has been fearless since she was a puppy, and we love her endlessly.

Aria playing with her big brother, Beamer.

The Decline of Aria’s Health

Aria’s back legs began to fail in her old age, which is common with Shepherds. Her pain would not allow her to even move without whimpering. It is a heart-crushing sound to hear your pet in pain. We held her through the night, and drove her to our local vet the second it opened.

The vet gave us medication, and asked us to wait a couple days for the medication to reduce her inflammation. When we brought her home from the vet, she refused to move and get out of the car because of the pain.

Aria was still in the car the next morning, so we drove her to the vet for the second day in a row. The vet gave Aria a Fentanyl patch to ease the pain. We did not like this idea, but what else could we have done at this time? Once her fur was shaved and the patch was applied, we had a discussion with the vet.

The Vet gave us 2 Options:

  1. Put her down.
  2. Pay $12,000 for surgery that would require her to live in a cage for 3 months.
Aria with her Fentanyl patch.

As you can see, we really had no positive option forward. Before we made a decision, we decided to research alternative medicine for animals. What we found changed our lives.

Aria’s Miracle

While researching alternative medicine for animals, we discovered that Hemp Extract Oil made from the Hemp Plant has been found to naturally and effectively reduce inflammation in dogs and humans without a “high” experience! We had never heard of Hemp or Hemp Extract until this point, but we were desperate and loved the possibility of trying something natural because we not like the Fentanyl Patch; so we decided to give Hemp a try!

That night, we drove to our local health food store and purchased the first Hemp Extract Oil they recommended for dogs. We drove home that night with intense anticipation.

One thing you need to know about Aria is that she has a bottomless appetite, as you know she considered Avocados off the ground to be delicious. We placed the recommended dosage of Hemp Extract Oil in her food that night, watched her eat it and went to sleep. The next morning we found something we could not believe, Aria was running and jumping on the couch with the vitality she only had when she was younger!

We were in complete shock. We noticed more and more of her original vitality was being added to her each day she got her daily dosage of Hemp Oil.

As of December 2019, we still have Aria because of the miracle of Hemp.

Aria no longer needs a Fentanyl patch because she uses Hemp Oil we grow on our farm!

A New Mission: Share Hemp with the Others

Seeing the miracle that Hemp gave Aria left us wondering if there was a way we could share this natural healing with the world?

As a family, we decided to learn how to grow Hemp on our Certified Organic Avocado Farm with the mission of sharing Hemp with others. We had begun using Hemp Oil for ourselves and found it helped soothe our muscles and joints after working long days on the farm.

Because of our experience growing organic Avocados, we quickly grew to become experts in growing Hemp because we kept our mission front and center – Communicate the powerful benefits of Hemp so others can find relief for themselves and their pets. If we could help another family save their dog, this would more than worth it.

We knew how to grow the Hemp, we just were not sure how to create the oil. In steps my uncle…

The Creation of Greenlife Organics

One day at a family lunch on our farm, we showed our uncle the tiny Hemp plants that we were growing on our Avocado Farm.

Being the owner of CIF Steel in Los Angeles, Ca. he told us, “I can make you custom extraction equipment made from the best stainless steel – and I know a Pharmacist who has is a gruaduated from UCLA in Botanical Sciences.”

At that moment, the farming and manufacturing came together – Greenlife Organics was created.

We chose the name “Greenlife” to express how Hemp helps us return to a natural, greener lifestyle that inspires us to live close to the Earth. We want the Greenlife Organics Story to be Aria’s Story, our story, and your story. We find our joy in you discovering or rediscovering your natural self.

To celebrate the miracle of Aria, the first product we created as a company was Heads and Tails Hemp Extract, is the same formula that got her to where she is today, vibrant and full of life.


This is the Greenlife Organics Story. We are here to create effective Hemp Extracts for those times when you need something effective, and natural.

Thank you for taking the time to Watch the Greenlife Organics Story Here! My passion is to raise awareness of Hemp Extracts, because without them; I would not have Aria to this day.

To your health and the health of your furry friend,

Jess Etchemendy

Have questions? Email me at

P.s.- I also narrated the video, it was so much fun!