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How to Give Hemp Extract To Your Dog

Follow these 6 Easy Steps to know how to give Hemp Extract to your dog. This guide was designed to be used with Greenlife Organics Heads and Tails Hemp Extract. It’s flavorless so you do not have to worry about your dog not liking it.

  1. Identify the weight of your dog to know the correct amount of drops to place in their food each day.
    • Dogs 1 – 15 lbs. need 1- 3 drops daily
    • Dogs 15 – 25 lbs. need 3 – 5 drops daily
    • Dogs 25 – 40 lbs. need 5 – 7 drops daily
    • Dogs 40 – 65 lbs. need 8 – 9 drops daily
    • Dogs 65 – 80 lbs. need 12 – 16 drops daily
    • Dogs 80 – 90 lbs. need 16 – 19 drops daily
    • Dogs 100+ lbs. need 20 drops daily
  2. Start with the lowest dose in your dogs weight range for 2 weeks. If you feel your dog needs more, increase by 1 drop.
  3. Now that you have identified your dogs weight range, fill your dropper.
  4. Your dropper is now full. Now apply the specific amount of drops to your dog’s food. If your dog is bigger, you may need to fill a second dropper to get enough drops.
  5. Any remaining Hemp Oil can be added back to your Heads & Tails bottle.
  6. Serve to your dog in their favorite dish!

What Time of Day Should I Give Hemp Extract to my Dog?

Based on my research, the time of day you give Hemp Extract to your dog does not matter as much as making sure you give it to them everyday. Consistency is the key to success. For me, I always give my dogs Hemp Extract at night to help them sleep through the night.

Conclusion: Taking Care of Your Furry Friend

Your dog is your companion through thick and thin. We formulated Greenlife Organics Heads and Tails Hemp Extract to help our dog Aria become more mobile, you can click here to learn her story.

Thank you for taking the time to read How to Give Hemp Extract To Your Dog. My passion to help you learn how to become an expert in giving Hemp Extract to your dog. I am thankful everyday for the health that Hemp has given my dog Aria.

To the health of your furry friend,

Jess Etchemendy

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