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Maine Restaurant Owner Converts His Former Steakhouse to a CBD Cafe

Maine Restaurant Owner Converts His Former Steakhouse to a CBD Cafe

Maine Restaurant Owner Converts His Former Steakhouse to a CBD Cafe

Chris Duffy, former owner of the Lobster Trap & Steakhouse Restaurant in Winslow, Maine, will convert his former restaurant into an innovative “CBD Cafe” featuring a curated menu of CBD-infused artisan salads and sandwiches. The cafe is set to open Spring of 2020. Duffy is additionally opening an exclusive health boutique offering medical marijuana as well as CBD-infused wellness products in Westbrook, Maine. His boutique is scheduled to open by the end of winter 2020.

Watch The News Report on NBC-Affiliate WMTW!

I could not find the news report video on Youtube, but you can click here to see the report on WMTW!

Why is Duffy Making the Change?

Duffy provides 4 reasons:

  1. CBD has personally helped his joints
  2. Ending the stigma
  3. Nobody is offering fresh foods infused with CBD
  4. Bring the Winslow community together.

#1. CBD has helped Duffy with sore joints

Duffy quotes, “You know, I haven’t always been good to my body. Just playing sports or time in the Marines and things like that. You know, your body takes a beating,” Duffy said. “This is just something that allows me to get moving and feel, kind of juice my joints a little bit and get rolling and not have everyday nagging pains throughout my body.”

#2. Ending the Stigma

“We’re hoping to really just hit on the stigma of CBD and THC. You know, that it’s a helpful thing,”  Duffy stated in an interview to WMTW.

#3. Nobody is offering fresh foods infused with CBD

Duffy believes he can portray CBD in the positive light it deserves. He states, “We have this wonderful deck with this great view. We’re gonna offer artisan sandwiches, salads, a limited menu, so we can really nail down the fresh infused food, which nobody is doing that right now.”

#4. Bring the Winslow Community Together

“We’re gonna have live music out here. We’re gonna set up farmer’s markets, we’re looking to really just bring the community together. What brings people together more than good food,” says Duffy.

What is CBD?

CBD, known scientifically as Cannabidiol (CBD), is an extract from the female version of Cannabis Sativa L.; called Hemp. Along with 100 different botanical compounds in Hemp known as “Cannabinoids,” they fuse together to balance the human and canine Endocannabinoid System (ECS). By stimulting the ECS, CBD can help bring balance to both your mind and body by lowering bodily inflammation.

Why is Hemp Sometimes Illegal?

Hemp is largely misunderstood. It may be in the same family as Marijuana, the male version of Cannabis Sativa L., but it does not contain the same levels of THC; the botanical compound known to illicit a psychoactive experience or “high.”

Hemp naturally contains less than 0.3% THC, so it can provide you with it’s health benefits without making you high.

The Farm Bill of 2018 made Hemp-based CBD products 100% legal, but the FDA states “Hemp-based CBD products are not legally allowed to be infused into food and beverages, and it cannot be marketed as a dietary supplement.”

While the FDA has not changed it’s policy, states like Maine have created its own regulation to independently allow CBD to be infused in food, beverages, cosmetics and dietary health supplements.

Are CBD-infused Foods Legal in Maine?

According to Vox News, CBD can be legally sold in Maine as long as it is not in an edible form. Vox states, “state health officials in both Maine, which legalized recreational marijuana use last year (2018), and Ohio, where marijuana is legal for medical use, recently began cracking down on CBD edibles, according to local news outlets.”

This new policy could pose a problem for Duffy, especially considering Oregon has banned CBD-infused alcoholic beverages. The main concern is not with CBD edibles, the problem is when CBD-infused foods do not contain as much CBD as they claim. In the case of CBD-infused beers in Oregon, only the rim of the cans contained any traceable CBD; lab testing proved the beer itself did not contain any Cannabidiol (CBD).

CBD Laws in Maine

Maine’s CBD Laws are fairly easy to understand:

  1. As of November 2016, CBD products are 100% legal for purchase in Maine
  2. Maine requires Hemp farmers to register their crops as Industrial Hemp, commercially grown Hemp crops cannot be used to make CBD Products
  3. CBD Products in Maine must be made from the seed and stalks of the Hemp plant, they cannot be made from the leaves or flowers.
  4. THC Levels must be less than 0.3% THC.
  5. Maine’s State Governor Janet Mills signed a law that allows CBD to be recognized in both food and medicine products

Where can You Purchase CBD Products in Maine?

Maine is generally flexible on where they allow CBD products to be sold. You can legally purchase them:

  1. General Retail Shops
  2. Clothing Boutiques
  3. Vape Stores
  4. Health and Wellness Stores
  5. Citizens of Maine can legally purchase CBD Hemp Online as well, there is no law restricting CBD from being shipped into the state.


Based on Maine’s legal language, Duffy should be able to open his cafe and wellness boutique without too much difficulty. I applaud Duffy for being a pioneer in the world of CBD foods, I would LOVE to visit his cafe when it opens in Spring 2020!

Discussion Question: Would you try a CBD-infused artisan sandwich? Have you tried one in the past? Let me know in the comments!

Thank you for taking the time to read Maine Restaurant Owner Converts His Former Steakhouse to a CBD Cafe! My goal is to keep you updated on all the developments in CBD news!

To your well-being,

Jess Etchemendy

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